Thursday, May 6, 2010

State Library Publishes Day in the Life Report

(TCTC contributed our stats of March 30, 2010)

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Common Cause, a group of librarians and representatives of South Carolina’s major library organizations united in concern for the support and progress of libraries of all kinds, presents this report to create awareness of the astonishing growth in library usage in this time of economic recession. David Goble, Director of the South Carolina State Library and founding member of the group, called for a shared effort from all of the State’s libraries to gather information about library services. Goble’s vision endorses a collaborative effort to improve library conditions for all.
According to Goble, “Nothing is as important to a free society as the provision of information to all who need it, young and old. South Carolina libraries, working together with a common interest and a common goal, can ensure the future of free access to information, to literature, and to library services. This survey demonstrates the power of libraries to meet the needs of South Carolina citizens, even in a single day.”
The results of the survey revealed that in one day, 162,760 people visit South Carolina libraries. A total of 408 of South Carolina’s K-12, public, academic, and special libraries responded to the survey.
The report is published on the South Carolina State Library’s web site: For more information, contact David Goble, Director of the South Carolina State Library at 803-734-8656 or

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