Thursday, December 16, 2010

Films on Demand - over 50 new titles addes

See the video web page at Video Web Page for the link into Films on Demand. Some of the titles added:

A Conversation with Carl Sandburg-From NBC's Wisdom Series
© 1958 - 29 Minutes
Title URL:
Although his father never learned to read and seemed to question the inherent value of literacy, Carl Sandburg's mother loved books and encouraged their appreciation.

Wipe Out: The Silent Epidemic of Brain Injury
Subject: Diseases, Disorders & Disabilities, Health Care & Treatment © 2008 - 50 Minutes
Title URL:
From the cold-blooded standpoint of statistics, one might expect the leading health threat for men under 35 to be alcohol, drug abuse, or gang violence. Instead, it is head trauma.

Hansel und Gretel: Opera in Three Acts
Subject: Music & Dance © 2008 115 Minutes
Title URL:
This modern retelling of Humperdinck's fairy tale opera-described by Richard Strauss as "a masterpiece of the highest quality"-combines Romanticism, lyricism, and exuberant playfulness.i

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