Monday, April 2, 2012

50th Anniversary info - Library information

The Library maintains a page devoted to the 50th anniversary of TCTC. Our theme for April is what happened in the TCTC area.

Clemson University makes its first appearance in the ACC Championship game a triumph that won’t be seen again until 2008.
Clemson alumnus and Greenville native Maj. Rudolph Anderson passed away on Oct. 27, 1962 when the air craft he was piloting was struck by a surface-to-air missile during his mission to survey the Cuban Missile Crisis. Sadly he became a part of history as the only combat fatality.

Anderson, South Carolina opens up its first McDonald’s on North Main Street with a menu of fast foods under fifty cent.

Public Schools were still segregated and the majority of college bound African American students from the county did not continue their education locally, but went to all black colleges in other parts of the state and country or northern colleges.

Duke Power started their design Engineering Department that used the Keowee/Toxaway as a power development center.

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