Tuesday, May 8, 2012


From the Credo database (and the Collins Encyclopedia): graduation (noun)

1. the act of graduating or the state of being graduated.
2. the ceremony at which school or college degrees and diplomas are conferred.
3. a mark or division or all the marks or divisions that indicate measure on an instrument or vessel.

Last night marked the graduation of 624 students from TCTC.  It is also the 49th annual graduation (the first one was August, 1965 with 45 graduates).  Librarians attend graduation because we are faculty.  But besides that, I attend because it inspires me when I hear the speeches and the stories.  I don't know anyone that higher education is always easy for; there is always some point that makes you question why you are going above and beyond a high school education. Celebrate a graduate today and let them tell you the high point and low point of their education.  And encourage them to continue being a life-long learner - even if they don't seek another higher education degree.  They will always be graduating in some capacity as a learner.

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