Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Databases and Services

Over the summer the Library has added some new databases and services.

Provides access to a comprehensive collection of news and business information and law-related sources. Law Content includes more than 800 law reviews, the US Code, the CFR, all federal and state court cases, statutes from all 50 states, and much more. Our principal resource for doing legal research.  The Law page lists this database and other related databases.
This fantastic database is a one-stop resource for doing business in 175 countries. For each country it provides a business & trade overview, along with thorough analyses of business culture, business communication, business travel, etc.  This resource is highlighted on the Countries page.

This is intended primarily for reference assistance.  This form will let you select when you would like to schedule assistance via a face-to-face session utilizing Skype.

Instructors normally e-mail Sue Andrus to schedule information literacy workshop.  But we realize that e-mailing or calling is not always the best solution.  We have created an on-line form for instructors to use if e-mailing or calling does not work for their schedule.

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