Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Accessing Library Resources

There are a number of ways to find the TCTC library.  You can go to our internal webpage at http://library.tctc.edu.  You can go to the TCTC public site for us at http://www.tctc.edu/Content/Student_Life_and_Services/Library.xml. You can follow this blog.  You can follow us on Twitter @tctclibrary.  Another way is if you are a student at TCTC, you can follow us on eTC via your Learn tab.  If you are a faculty member, you can add the Access Library Resources channel to your individual page.  Simply follow the directions at http://etcdata.tctc.edu/Luminis/removed%20from%20eTC-lpstorage/VPBA/Add_Channel_eTC.doc .  Choose Access Library Resources. Also a link to the library subject portal pages has been added to the Faculty tab Class Management-Resources-Library

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