Monday, May 6, 2013

A New Discovery Service

Students engage in information searches through Google on a daily basis.  As we work to meet the needs of our students, the library wanted to adopt a Discovery Service that reflects a similar search experience.  This service, called MegaSearch, is one that many students take advantage of on a daily basis.  It feels like a Google search, retrieves many hits like a Google search, and is easy to use.

Most of our databases and the library’s catalog can now be searched via this tool.  Additionally, hits obtained from a single search can be filtered through a source selection feature of the service.  Are you looking specifically for a reference source, a magazine, or possibly a newspaper article?  If so, select the box on the left side of your results screen to access this feature! 

The MegaSearch box can be found on the TCTC library’s home page.  The address is  Good luck!

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