Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting the Message Out

     At Tri-County Technical College, we are working to promote the library and increase its presence campus-wide.  To effectively do this, we standardized all of our PR materials, utilized a set of specific colors to identify the library as a unique entity within the college campus, and tapped into an array of opportunities for getting the word out about the library and its services.

  A year ago, we met with our PR department.  The goal of this meeting was to begin the process of standardizing all of our materials that promote the library.  As we worked with the department, we selected some images that reflected the library, learning, and research in a fun and entertaining way.  The key image we used for the 2012-2013 school year is displayed below:

     We selected the color green to represent the library and bring attention to our facilities.  We now use this color in all of our publications, and we are experiencing much success with this approach.  Design, and quality of design, is imperative.  As brochures, posters, information literacy handouts, and power point presentations on research techniques are produced that represent the library, we are requiring the usage of these adopted colors, images, and templates.  The end result is quite appealing, aesthetically.

     We are pleased with the outcome of this approach to promoting, and ultimately selling, library services to students.  Additionally, we are pleased with the manner in which the library staff members embraced these colors and templates, by working to integrate them into the individual items they are producing to promote the library and/or information literacy skills.

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