Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Library Gets a Facelift - Redux

As we reported on an earlier blog the library was scheduled to be remodeled this summer.  Well,  guess what?  We did!  And we look marvelous.  We have new furniture, new carpet, new paint, new computers (including Macs), new seating areas, and an updated café. 

We are hearing great compliments from many folks that enter our space.

Projects like this don’t just happen over night.  In fact this one took about 9 months.

  • December 2012 – We interviewed three different vendors to see which one would work best with our needs.
  • January, February, and March,  - We looked at fabric pagers and furniture. We did know that we wanted to go with the TCTC color palette of red, black, and khaki. Facutly, staff, and students give input into our decisions.
  • April - the library staff began the process of the move by shifting some of the shelving so that the large back window area became more open.  The bound periodicals were moved to another location so that a Legal area could be created to support the new paralegal program.
  • May and June – The furniture began disappearing from the Library.  Painting started.
  • July - Carpet and other construction.
  • August – New furniture and a new circulation desk arrived.
  • September - See those orange cones in the below picture?  Those will be replaced by new lights.




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