Friday, November 15, 2013

Remote Student Assistance

While many students come to the library for research assistance in person, we also assist students in a variety of remote ways. The most frequent of these is through our chat box, located on the TCTC library’s website Many students submit questions via this tool each day. For our students, who are immersed in the digital world, this is a quick, easy way to ask for help. The types of questions we receive through the chat box range from topics related to an English 101 or 102 research paper to general questions about the college, such as when exams take place. We are happy to provide this service to the students at TCTC.

Students in the English distance learning courses are being encouraged to submit emails to the Embedded Librarian, as they progress through their research requirements. Many DL students are using email to obtain help and guidance, in regards to the library’s resources and research. This is an effective way to meet the research needs of students who are remotely taking classes. Providing research assistance to DL students through email contacts also provides a personal connection for students who are not on campus but have the same research requirements/expectations as students taking the same English courses on campus. Research is difficult for many students. It is important that the research needs of DL students be addressed and special assistance is offered to that student population.

Lastly, the library still receives the occasional phone call for assistance. Students who have questions about research or our general services can pick up the phone and speak with someone in the library department. This form of research assistance is happening less and less but it is still a viable option for students who would like to verbally ask a quick question, related to their research project!

Michele Gregg

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