Monday, July 14, 2014

Connecting with the TCTC Library

The library utilizes a few of the social media tools that are available.  We have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Each of these serves different purposes but all tie together to let you, as a person of TCTC, know that we have a variety of services.  Our Twitter feed usually lists interesting points of the day which could include trivia or quotes.  Our Facebook will usually show various pictures of the staff and other activities that the library participates in. Our Twitter is also linked to Facebook.  Our newest endeavor in social media is Pinterest. Our account there has boards on assignments, citation guides, and new books.

Besides social media, the library offers a table of contents service for professional journals titled Journal*Browse.  We develop this website for you.  You are able to go into it at any time to see current journals in your field.  We do need individual input from you to develop this service.  See examples of Journal*Browse at   We have guides developed for Sci/Tech, Tutoring, HR, English, Comprehensive Studies, and the Library.  If you need a Journal*Browse developed, please contact Jessica Scott at

We have monthly display themes.  This year’s displays will be based on the below concepts:
·         July - Summer Fun
·         August – Back to School
·         September – Early Childhood
·         October – Hispanic Heritage Month
·         November – Culture and Customs of…
·         December – Cookbooks
·         January – Popular Fiction
·         February – Black History Month
·         March – Nonamerican Authors
·         April – General Country Displays
·         May – Popular Magazine Display
·         June – Books a Million Trip

The library also has a PR campaign every year. This year it is “TCTC Libraries:  The heart of your research”. Look for more information on this campaign as the year progresses.

And finally, remember you are reading the library blog!

Facebook: Tri-County Technical College Library

Twitter: @tctclibrary


Are there other ways that would help you connect to the Library?  If so, contact the Library Director, Marla Roberson at

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