Thursday, December 4, 2014

Destruction of School Property

Fall 2014 has been a wonderful, successful semester for many students, faculty and staff members who are dedicated to higher education of themselves or others. Since many of us are in the midst of finalizing assignments, study sessions, presentations, and grading, etc.; the TCTC Library would like your help! We have noticed an increase in the destruction of our library books. Over the past few weeks, as tensions and stress levels have increased; we have noticed that many of our books have been returned with pencil, pen and highlighter marks, as well as liquid stains, dog-earring pages, leaving tabs or post-it notes, bite marks (perhaps from a pet or small child) and exposure to the weather. When TCTC Library items are returned in such condition, we charge a $50 book fee and a $5 processing fee. If the item is not owned by TCTC Library but was borrowed via ILL or PASCAL on behalf of TCTC (students, staff or faculty), the replacement fee is $100. Please keep this in mind when checking out and returning library materials. We strive to make the library an inviting, safe and patron-friendly academic environment for ALL. Please remember to treat all borrowed materials with care as we strive to keep book fines and replacement charges as low as possible.

Alydia C. Sims, M.Ed

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