Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome Back!

The Library is happy to see all your smiling, happy faces as your return this spring.  Some reminders as you come to the library to research, check out books, or hang out.

If you are checking out books:

  • We need your TCTC ID
  • You can check out 6 books on a topic - well actually you can only check out 6 books.
  • Book checkout (not including reserves) is 2 weeks with the ability to renew once if  no one has the book on hold.

Two large group study rooms are available for check out to 3 or more people at one time.  There are computer hook-ups to a large screen in that study room (you can hook up 5 computers).

Yes, you can bring food and drinks in BUT please clean up any mess you make.  We also appreciate it if you have a lid on your drink.

The Library Cafe will be opening beginning January 20.  Normal hours are Monday to Thursday 9AM to 4PM.

We have lots of print magazines (example: People, Sports Illustrated) and local newspapers available to read here in the library.

All our computers EXCEPT the two by the circulation desk require you to sign in.  Please remember to sign out so that your private information is secure.

Information Literacy workshops are conducted through out the semester for classes.  However if you miss the one for your class, we are happy to work to get you into another class.  Alternatively you could view the videos at

Remember our motto for the year: "The Library is the heart of your research".

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