Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1962 recap

Some births and deaths from 1962. If you would like to know more about these people, the library suggests you try Biography in Context.

Born in 1962
Paula Abdul (singer, Am. Idol)
Trace Adkins (singer)
Tracy Austin (tennis player)
Clint Black (singer)
Jon Bon Jovi (singer)
Matthew Broderick (actor)
Jim Carrey (actor)
Sheryl Crow (singer)
Jodie Foster (actor)
MC Hammer (singer)
Evander Holyfield(boxer)
Star Jones (The View)
Demi Moore (actor)
Axl Rose (singer)
Wesley Snipes (actor)
Al Unser, Jr. (auto racing)

Died in 1962
Eleanor Roosevelt (former 1st lady)
Patrick Ewing (basketball)
Marilyn Monroe (actor)
Lucky Luciano (criminal)
Charles Laughton (actor)
Hermann Hesse (author)
William Faulkner (author)
Adolf Eichmann (Nazi war criminal)
e.e.cummings (poet)

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