Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Compliments on the Library Web pages

The library has a comment area available on its webpages.  Today, we got not one but TWO compliments. 

On the majority of our pages we have an IM widget. This allows someone to reach out and chat with us to ask reference questions.  It is a handy tool. Today it was evidently handier than normal. 

The first comment we received was "This is truely convinient! I luv it! Thank u TCTC!"

On the same page (fyi, the Countries and Culture page at http://library.tctc.edu/countries) another student commented "I love the library at tctc it is so great and i learn so much sometimes i get on this site even ehen i dont know what i am looking for while im chilling with my gf she thinks it is awesome tooo yess!!!! this site is great thank you tctc librarians".

It is always great to hear when we have impacted your research in a positive way.  Thanks!

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