Friday, March 15, 2013

And the winner is...

During the month of February and some of March, the library sponsored a contest that focused on the Mango database. Mango is the on-line language database that is available free-of-charge through the Library. Languages available: Spanish (Latin American), French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Mandarin), Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and ESL for Arabic Speakers. To be eligible to participate you needed to sign up and do at least one lesson. The folks that did the most lessons were winners twice. Anderson and Easley had additional ways that you could win. This contest was open to all at TCTC - student and staff. Winners for the first part of the contest that picked up their prize: Wanda White, Amber D. Floyd, Lynn Shook, Heather Redd, and Violet Price. (FYI, we had a number of folks that were notified but never picked up their prize!) Grand prize winners were Heather Redd and Lynn Shook. Thanks so much for "playing" and learning a bit of a new language.


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