Friday, January 24, 2014

Curriculum Mapping

The TCTC library subscribes to a database called AccessScience! This database provides a wealth of information to both students and faculty members. For faculty members, curriculum maps were recently created. Curriculum maps are designed to guide faculty to highly relevant and engaging content for college courses. They take popular subject matter, for example chemistry, and break it down into subtopics. 

Each subtopic then links to information within AccessScience! Tables, graphs, diagrams, photos, animations, and videos are linked via these curriculum maps for faculty members. Presently, AccessScience! has curriculum maps for the following topics: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Databases, Discrete Mathematics, Engineering Structural Analysis, and Physics. A sample curriculum map can be found at this link . Direct links can be created for students from this database, to provide easy access to the content. 

The demands of providing quality content to students, in a manner that is attractive, requires the usage of databases that present information in fun, informative ways. AccessScience! is aware of the demands required by both universities and students. Its curriculum maps are one resource now available to faculty members, as they develop lessons that are both informative and attractive for today’s college students.

By Michele Gregg

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