Monday, February 3, 2014

Learning Communities

At Tri-County Technical College, Learning Communities (LCs) are being offered on a regular basis in many different formats. As faculty/staff, we need to promote these opportunities for successfully learning whenever possible. LCs offer an environment in which students learn on a deeper level are more socially engaged, as well as more apt to persist through college and beyond. The types of LCs offered at TCTC are thematic (emphasizing a particular topic or theme,) integrated (an academic course infused with COL 105 principles,) or linked (one or more academic course linked with COL 105 or two or linked academic course embedded with COL 105 principles). Recent studies have shown that while all LCs afford our students the opportunity for increased collegial success; linked LCs appear to allow for student success as well as persistence. Those interested in LCs should contact Amoena Norcross (646-1365 or Make your students aware of these advantages so that they are able to take full advantage of what LCs have to offer!

Written by Alydia Sims

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