Friday, August 1, 2014


On Wednesday, July 30, 2014 a few members of the TCTC Library faculty/staff attended the USC Upstate Library’s Educator’s and Librarian Workshops Day! The workshop featured many great topics that we (as academics) must stay abreast of in order to effective in the classroom. The topics covered were as follows; copyright, plagiarism, digital citizenship & social media, emerging technology and apps, as well as public communication.

The copyright workshop was especially eye-opening because many educators are infringing on copyright laws in the classroom by showing films, listening to music or using photographs, works of art, etc. that are not licensed by their school. I would ask that we make ourselves aware of the intricacies of copyright laws before using such materials or seek out those who are purchasing for your department to ensure that you are not inadvertently breaking the law. Some instructors consider themselves as falling under the “Fair Use” umbrella, yet there are many instances were fair use does not apply. USC Upstate has an awesome workshop Libguide that may be helpful for those who choose to research copyright (or any of the other topics covered) at:

By, Alydia Sims

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