Friday, August 15, 2014

Learning a language is fun, free AND easy via the library

Mango Languages provides an engaging and immersive language and culture learning experience that students, staff, faculty, and alumni will love. Rich curricula and authentic content provide various educational levels for numerous languages.

·         Mango Conversations teaches through native-speaker dialogue, cultural insights, and critical thinking exercises. Memorable patterns and a conversation-based methodology empower learners to construct phrases and sentences on their own. English courses (ESL/ELL) feature navigation and phonetics in the user’s native language to make the learning easier.

·         TCTC offers 11 languages: Spanish (Latin American), French, Italian, German, Russian, Thai, Chinese (Mandarin), Irish, Japanese, Korean, Armenian, and ESL for Spanish Speakers.  The website is at
Mango Languages is a fun resource that serves everyone at TCTC: perfect for international studies, ESL/ELL, study abroad programs, student clubs, faculty/alumni associations, or any language enthusiast. Plus, Mango’s course content aligns with, and compliments foreign language curriculums, improving novice language fluency levels to intermediate and advanced.   There is even a Mango app.

Studies have shown that many companies take language skills into account when recruiting, with a third of companies recruiting people specifically for their language skills. Multilingual employees earn up to 20 percent more than their monolingual counterparts in certain jobs, while students who study foreign languages for four or more years outperform their classmates.

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