Friday, September 19, 2014

Besides books, why should I come to the library?

If you come to the library, you know the usual things we do:  show you where books and databases are; check books out to you; shelve books; tell you how to print something from your laptop; and tell you that “no, we don’t sell scantrons”.  But what you might not know are the other things associated with our job here at TCTC.

We are on a number of TCTC committees so that we are in touch with the Campus communities (Marla is President of Faculty Senate and on the Curriculum Committee).  Some of us teach (Sue and Alydia teach a COL 105 section each). Kultida goes to the Anderson campus weekly.  Jessica works the evening shift so she sees other people than the rest of us might.  Debby and Allison keep the branches running smoothly and make sure that the libraries there are friendly and inviting.  Claudia is the history keeper of the library. She has been here over 30 years so she can tell you anything about why something happens the way it does. This helps us know what is happening in the classrooms and in the offices.

Other things that we do because we care about you:
·         Glue sandals that broke so you can go to class.
·         Make sure there is tissue and hand sanitizer available.
·         Have candy!
·         Be available for student interviews.
·         Go to student graduations (no we don’t have to do that, we just like to do that because we support you).
·         Open our information literacy workshop computer lab to students that need to study in larger areas than the collaborative study rooms.
·         Have school supplies like staplers and paperclips available.
·         Have a supply of Band-Aids (currently I think it is Hello Kitty).
·         Maintain comfy seats.
·         Have a supply of pens.

The library cares about you even when you aren’t studying.  We strive to offer a responsive and open environment for not only your research projects but other kinds of social engagement.  We would love for you to come see us.  Remember the library is the heart of your research.
Blog by Marla Roberson

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