Wednesday, September 10, 2014

“I Didn’t Know We HAD THAT”!

 Today I spoke to our Veterinary Tech faculty.  They have several new instructors and a new department head as well, who asked if I could show all of them the resources in their discipline that the TCTC Library provides.  There is nothing I like better than speaking to a group of people who are amazed at what our library can do!  I only talked for 15 minutes and barely scratched the surface of what’s available, but during those 15 minutes at least five of these instructors said something like “I didn’t know we HAD THAT!”  I’m fairly certain that I will be working on integrating some kind of library use or research into their classes soon, and I’m happy to do it.
If you are an instructor, are you aware of all the resources the library purchases that can be part of your curriculum?  At the bottom of the library home page is a collection of “Subject Guides” that are very helpful:

We also have a “Specialized Subjects” page,  which has links to things you might not think library would provide, such as our Auto Repair database.

And from our Databases page, did you know you can read popular magazines online?  It’s available from General OneFile, a database of popular magazines.

So take some time to poke around a bit on your library’s web page – you may see something and say, “I didn’t know we HAD THAT!”

---Sue Andrus, Instruction Librarian

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